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VincentStokes knows the score

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Any service-driven business needs to understand what their clients need and value; without that understanding, it would not be possible to deliver excellent service or identify where we need to improve.

That was why we felt the need to carry out a client perceptions survey last year and although we knew that feedback from our projects was good, we were thrilled by the results.

When it came to the question relating to performance, we scored an average of 8.25 out of 10 across eight service categories!

The words that clients felt described their experience of VincentStokes were ‘honesty’, ‘efficiency’, ‘transparency’, ‘trust’ and ‘professional’, which really reflects our values as a company.

We are specialists in what we do and pride ourselves in providing senior-level involvement for every single scheme. It’s something we continue to put at the heart of our business as we continue to grow and it’s great to see that client recognise both our niche skills base and our commitment to excellent service.