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Delivery Booking Form

    Restrictions and requirements:

    1. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for all deliveries NOTE: DELIVERIES ARE ACCEPTED ONLY BETWEEN 9AM AND 4PM.
    2. All requests must be received by 5pm.
    3. You will receive an email with confirmation/refusal of your booking.
    4. Vehicles must arrive at the gate no earlier than 20 minutes prior to confirmed delivery slot.
    5. All fields above must be accurately completed or the request could be rejected.
    6. The driver is to wait until a Traffic Marshal has attended to him/her.
    7. If delivery slots are missed, vehicles will be turned away from site and will need to be re-booked through the 24 hour system.
    8. All deliveries and materials are to adhere to the guidelines and limitations outlined.
    9. All drivers must have full PPE with them or the PPE should be supplied by the contractor that is making the delivery.
    10. On arrival to delivery area the relevant contractor will be advised and a representative will need to attend the delivery prior to off load and commencement.
    11. All Hiab lorries should submit their licence and test certificate to the Traffic Marshal for verification.